Jubilee Landscape, Inc.
Jubilee Landscape, Inc.
30 Years of Landscape Design and Installation

About Jubilee Landscape, Inc.


Jubilee Landscape Inc. was founded in 1979 by Tynes Stringfellow as a very small but quality conscious company. Throughout the years, the uncompromising integrity of design and installation and consistent customer satisfaction have allowed the company to grow immensely. Jubilee Landscape, Inc.'s portfolio now includes projects ranging from intricate residential gardens to upscale commercial projects. As Jubilee Landscape, Inc. looks to the future, we will continue to focus on creating environments which are pleasing to our clients and are in harmony with nature.


Tynes Stringfellow's diverse background and extensive experience in the landscape industry includes every component of the landscape process and overall responsibility for both local and regional projects. Under his leadership, the success of Jubilee Landscape, Inc. is attributable to an ability to focus on the quality of plant material, meticulous horticultural practices and timely installation. A total in-depth control of design and installation to assure efficiency has proven its worth on aesthetic value.

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